Shop It To Me Trendsetter

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As you might have noticed, I have my first official link/advertisement/whatever you want to call it on the right hand side of my blog.

It’s a link to sign up for Shop it To Me.

A while back I posted about a cute Anthropologie jacket I found via Shop it To Me.

Well somehow, it caught the attention of Shop it To Me, and I received an email from them asking me to become a part of their blogger Trendsetter’s program!

I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s what they sent me:

“Trendsetters is an elite group of bloggers, similar to you, that serves as kind of an advisory board for us. We make sure you’re the first to know about exciting news, updates, and fun blogger opportunities(giveaways, interviews, events, etc.). It’s little work with fun perks!”

So I will definitely be keeping you posted on anything that comes up, and will definitely be sharing it on here!

Here’s a link to their blog, and of course, you can always check out their website by clicking on my handy referral badge to the right!


Some cute jewelry I found while perusing Shop it To Me.

Kate Spade

Banana Republic

Urban Outfitters


Shop It To Me: Anthropologie Style

Happy Friday  to you all!

This past week I received an email from a friend inviting me to join “Shop It To Me,” a free personal shopping website. Intrigued, I decided to check it out, and let me tell you, I LOVE it!

Basically you get a personalized shopping page where you check off your favorite brands, retailers, sizes, and price range. Then, “Shop It To Me” scours the internet for you, bringing together all of your information to give you the best online sales and deals on the items you’re interested in purchasing.

“Shop It To Me” found the cutest jacket from Anthropologie for me that was was originally around $130, but was on sale for $50!

Basically every brand and retailer are on the site, and there is even a site available for those located outside of the US.

If you would like to join, let me know, and I’ll “invite” you. Once you get 10 people to sign up for it, you’ll get a $10 gift card!

Okay, so I know that it sounds like I was forced to endorse “Shop It To Me,” but I honestly wasn’t.

I was just really excited to share my great deal with you!


Image courtesy of Anthropologie