Pins of the Week

Happy Thursday! Also, happy 1st day of November!

I thought I would share some of my favorite “pins” I found on Pinterest this week!



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Wishful for Windows

Wonderful Wednesday to you all!

Do you ever have those moments where you just stop in your tracks and imagine what the whole world has to offer?

Well today is one of those days for me.

Sometimes you just cannot help but to daydream out your window and picture the finer things in life.

What better way than to spark that curiosity then by “peering through the looking glass” a la Alice in Wonderland.

Windows are our looking glasses into the outside world, so take a glimpse at something visionary today.


Life’s little surprises: Part 2

Now, I realize that these next two surprises that I stumbled upon are not nearly as incredible as my Oprah egg story. However, I realized that life’s little surprises do not need to have an incredible back story to make them special or important. The theme of surprise is itself priceless.

One thing you may not know about me is that I’m obsessed with clocks! Especially old, vintage clocks. I love the architectural design of them and the concept of how a decorative piece can be functional and useful as well. I mean, we all need to know what time it is, right? Once again, while organizing a few things, I found this small clock. I couldn’t believe it. It was so cute and charming. On top of that, it was impeccable timing, (pun intended), for me to find the clock, because I’ve been contemplating getting a new one for my room. On another note, I love clocks that have roman numerals on them. In my opinion, it makes the time piece look very sophisticated.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect clock necklace, but until then, I’ll spend my time watching the time with this quaint clock.


Life’s little surprises

Don’t you love those moments in life when something small, charming, and unexpected pops up? Well I had a few of those moments today. While organizing my closet, I found a small package tucked behind a few shoe boxes. Puzzled, I looked at the label, and familiarity dawned on me. It was a golden egg signed by Oprah Winfrey! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, why would Oprah of all people autograph a decorative egg? Well I’m still trying to figure that mystery out myself. My mother works at a television station, and back in the ’90s they were doing some kind of partnership with Oprah’s show. Somehow, because of that, Oprah herself sent the prized egg to the station, and somehow through all of the quirkiness of it, my mother ended up with it. Funny isn’t it? A couple of years ago, my mother discovered the ornament hidden in her office, and now coming full circle, I found it hidden in my closet. It’s hilarious seeing the parallels between the two stories. It’s one of those moments where people might not believe it if they didn’t see it, so here it is. I guess Oprah has that effect on people.

Summer Dates with Kenneth Cole

As summer creeps up on the horizon, one of the biggest questions will be, “What do I wear?” Well a couple of weeks ago I decided to get some answers to that question, literally. I decided to check out Kenneth Cole when I was in South Carolina to see if Mr. Cole could help me spice up my summer adventures. As luck would have it, he did! I bought this amazing studded tank top. I loved the design and the “tough girl” attitude I could convey with it if I so chose. I might pair it with a pair of denim cut offs on a really hot day to channel a laid back west coast vibe or to keep it edgy, I might pair it with a pair of leather shorts. (My friend just got a pair from Free People that I’m going to have to check out for myself!) Dressing it up with a blazer and skirt would take it from edgy to elegant. Irregardless of the look I decide to pursue, one thing is for certain; I love studs!

After finding this marvelous masterpiece of a top, I stumbled across this high-waisted skirt. I adore all of the different colors! I’ll probably pair it with a simple shirt so that the design will pop. My brown wedges will top it off perfectly. What I love the most is that it has pockets!

This summer I’ll definitely be ┬ámaking a date with Mr. Kenneth Cole’s fabulous clothes. I can’t wait until then.