214 & Counting

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last checked in with the blogosphere, but I’ve just been so preoccupied.

In about 2 weeks, I’ll have my first meeting about my semester abroad in London!

I might be taking a photography course, a contemporary British theatre course, and an art course, where I’d be spending time in some of London’s collections.

214 days away and counting!


Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 5.18.35 PM

I’m daydreaming about returning to the Upper East Side in the near future.


Lovely Libraries

Happy Tuesday to you all!

I cannot believe that October has finally arrived! Celebrating this new found sense of Autumn, I finally bought my first batch of Apple Cinnamon herbal tea!

There’s nothing like curling up in a blanket in the evening with a good book and a hot cup of tea.

Speaking of books, I’ve been wanting to visit an old historic library, preferably one in Europe because for some reason I have a sense that the architecture and historical mood would be much more appealing.

Plus, I feel like I’d be more inclined to want to visit the library and study!

Until the day my European library hopping adventure begins, (hopefully in the near future), here are some beautiful photographs of libraries I found online to feast my eyes upon.

I hope that you do the same.


New York City Adventure Part 3: A Day in the Live of Blair Waldorf

Once again, my friend and I took a couple of trains and arrived at Penn Station once again. Then we proceeded to hop onto the subway and head to Midtown Manhattan. First stop of the day: Times Square.

I believe that a great way to start off a bright and early Saturday morning is to head to the bright lights and sounds of Times Square. It’s so liberating.

Walking through Times Square, my friend and I proceeded to walk by Radio City Music Hall where apparently, an audition was taking place. Hundreds of tween and teen girls were lined up in their dancer apparel outside of the stage door. I wonder what it could’ve been for?

Shaking the thought and getting back to our walking tour, we cruised through to Rockefeller Plaza and took in the sites of NBC News and the beautiful display of the flags of the United Nations.

After a quick break, it was finally time to get some brunch! So we headed up to the beautiful Le Parker Meridian Hotel and stopped in for a big brunch at Norma’s, where we had a reservation.

Be warned, if you want to eat at Norma’s be prepared for a hefty price tag that is totally worth every penny! In a splurging mood, I had some of Norma’s infamous $9 freshly squeezed that morning orange juice. (I know what you might be thinking. How could she spend $9 on orange juice?!? Well there are free refills and it’s literally the best thing you will taste in your life.)

I then proceeded to order the most wonderful blueberry pancakes I’ve ever eaten. (Once again, it’s totally worth it.)

Apparently, according to my friend, Gossip Girl was taped around Norma’s and Le Parker Meridian. We were definitely in the right place.

After brunch, we headed up a couple of blocks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in my favorite part of the city: the Upper East Side.

For our Gossip Girl inspired day, we took a few pictures on the steps of the Met, and then checked out the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibit.

The exhibit was actually the focus of this year’s Met Gala, and was written up in the June/July issue of Vogue, which I had just finished reading about.

The details in the clothing and accessories are some of the best in the world, I can assure you. So if you’re ever in New York, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

After the exhibit, we bought a couple of souvenirs and then checked out some of the Greek and Roman architecture, some Picasso’s in the  Modern section, and then proceeded to take some more pictures on the steps of the Met entrance.

Heading up Madison Ave, we paid a visit to the Lilly Pulitzer store, which is beautifully designed.

Feeling peckish, we stopped in at Laduree for the world’s finest in macarons. I bought a beautiful gift box of 6 macarons.

Taking another break, we continued on to Central Park where we ate our macaroons and did some people watching in different areas of the park.

Close to dinnertime, we headed up to the Upper West Side of the city and got the best burgers and fries in the city at Shake Shack.

After ordering our food, we decided to eat in front of the American Museum of Natural History and relax.

Wanting a treat for later, we headed to Levain Bakery and bought some yummy cookies for later!

Then it was time to head back to New Jersey.

Relaxing after another wonderful day in the city, we turned on some more Downton Abbey and ate our Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies. Yum!