Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina

I would like to note my love of Period Pieces in regards to film. It has always been a dream of mine to relive historical eras in regards to social culture, and of course, style. It is fascinating to watch the style timeline evolve over many centuries, and I adore watching historical style come to life on the big screen. That’s why I’m excited to see the film adaptation of Anna Karenina later this year.

I cannot wait to see the showcase of elegant, 1870’s aristocratic style, especially that of the title character. Anna is beautiful, has passion, and is the epitome of an aristocratic wife. And man, does that girl know how to dress! In my opinion, I believe that Keira Knightley is Anna. I cannot wait to see the vision twice-Acadamy Award nominated costume designer Jacqueline Durran dreamed up for the film.

Maybe an Oscar for Best Costume Design will be in store for Ms. Durran?


my ecstacy to see the film will help me overlook the fact that the Russian accents are missing.


Photos courtesy of google images


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