New York City Adventure Part 1: Arriving in New Jersey

So I know that I mentioned that I was going on a trip to New York City, and I’m pleased to announce that I did!

It all started this past Thursday when I flew into Newark International Airport to meet my friend whom was hosting me for the duration of the trip. She actually lives in New Jersey, so we spent the day Thursday riding around The Garden State so that I could get better acquainted with the area.

After getting unpacked, we headed out to Westwood, New Jersey to pay a lunch visit to The Rolling Pin Cafe. It was the cutest cafe I’d ever been to! I ate a simple, but delicious, grilled cheese sandwich and drank Raspberry Iced Tea. Notedly, it felt weird for me to order iced tea since it’s in my DNA to order good old sweet tea here in the South.

However, the best part of lunch was dessert. The Rolling Pin Cafe has amazing scones! I ordered a blueberry scone with devonshire creme, and I was not disappointed.

After lunch, we drove around Bergen County and paid a visit to the local Anthropologie and Free People stores.

After resting for a bit, we visited some more shops and headed to another local cafe that specialized in both dinner and desert crepes. I started off with a mouthwatering ham and cheese crepe and then ended with a white chocolate filled crepe unlike any other.

Full and sleepy, we headed back to my friend’s house and spent the evening watching Season 1 of Downton Abbey.

What a great first day in the north!


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