Friday Favorites

Sorry that I haven’t written in several days! I’ve been very busy with work.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night though! I’m going to see the National Broadway Tour of Beauty and the Beast! It is one of my favorite musicals of all time, and I consider it to be very special because it was the very first broadway show I ever saw when I was 7. It inspired me to get more involved with theater, which I did for 8 years. So I kind of feel like I’m coming full circle, about 12 years later.

On another random note, I’m also starting up another Charming and Chic blog at . I’ll of course still be posting here, but I wanted to branch out more on a different venue. So please check it out and follow!

On this last Friday of June, I’m feeling inspired by little whims and fancies. While perusing online, I found these photos:

One word: Chanel. Need I say anymore? These are so chic and a work of art. I adore the pedicure and pants as well. If I win the lottery, I will be buying these.

I want this entire outfit. This is how I want to dress when I visit New York in a couple of weeks.

This is the perfect polished, yet laid back outfit. The exact style that I would love to wear everyday.

I love both ballet and Louboutins. A match made in heaven.

I love these Dior cat-eye sunglasses that I found online at Nordstrom. They are the epitome of classic style and sophistication.


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