Shopping Haul Part 4: Perfect Pleated Skirt

Happy Tuesday everyone! Once again, I’ve been too busy preparing for final exams to blog, but since I have an open window now, I thought I would continue my shopping haul series once again. Today, I’m going to focus on my last purchase from Forever 21, this gorgeous dark blue pleated skirt. (The camera lighting cannot do it justice, so I added the picture of it from Forever 21’s website.) I couldn’t believe that I got it for only $15! What a deal! As I previously wrote, a few blog posts ago, I was looking for a pleated skirt so that I could come up with my own version on the pleated skirt/peter pan collar blouse duo. Well I have part of that duo right here! I’m obsessed with the discrete scallop flounces at the bottom of the skirt. They’ll add a little bounce to my step! And I’ll definitely be bouncing once I’m able to rock this bad boy! For once, I don’t mind my petiteness, because the skirt is just the right length for me without being too short. Which I love, since, as I keep saying, I adore keeping my looks classy and ladylike.

On another note, I only have two more weeks of school and then I’m out for the summer! I can’t wait for all of my summer fun and adventures to commence, which I’ll definitely be keeping you all updated on. With summer in the air, I thought that I would let you know that I’m going to be posting more outfit snapshots of the day with me in the photos since I’ll have more time to take pictures and plan accordingly. So stay tuned! I’m getting excited! Are you excited for summer?


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