Quaint Cottage Comforts

With summertime just around the corner, (My exams are over in a week), I’ll be moving out of my first dorm. However, with a new school year only a mere three months away, I have to start planning for my new room. I love interior decorating! While looking around for ideas, I came across these beautiful photographs on tumblr of flowers and cottages that were so quaint, vintage, and classic. I immediately knew that I wanted a cottage themed room. I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled across this duvet cover at Target from Simply Shabby Chic. It was the perfect brand name to match my new dorm theme. I dream of owning a quaint cottage some day, and soaking up the picturesque countryside. But until then, this bedding and gorgeous images can satisfy my new craving.

With only a week left of school, that means that there’s only a week left until I start debuting my new “What I Wore” posts! I can’t wait. So stay tuned.

Summer Nights: Dreamy Dinner Parties: Fabulous Floral Arrangements

Happy Friday everyone! I noticed that I got a lot of positive feedback on yesterday’s post, so I thought that I would expand on it a little more. As I said yesterday, I cannot wait to throw a fabulous dinner party. However, the key to a great dinner party is having the perfect table settings. And to have the perfect table settings, that means one thing: having the perfect floral arrangements.

My summer holiday begins in less than two weeks, and summer has come early here at school. Yesterday, it was around 90 degrees! (fahrenheit, or around 32 degrees celsius for all of you across the pond.) I soaked up every minute of the beautiful sunshine while my eyes were pampered with the sight of spring blooms around campus. Don’t you just love this time of year?

Getting back to my point, after writing yesterday’s post, I had to find my perfect floral inspiration for my ideal table setting. Once again, I perused tumblr and this time, Pinterest, to find these gorgeous photos! These would make the perfect statement on your table while evening creating a great conversation-starter. How could you not smile?

Summer Nights: Dreamy Dinner Parties

The sun sets later than usual. All of a sudden, the crickets start chirping. Lightning bugs light up the sky as twilight gently appears. Friends are laughing and are carefree. Yes, I’m talking about one thing, summer nights! Some of the best nights of the year occur during the warm summer months that are quickly approaching. And you know what that means? It’s time to throw some dinner parties! I was perusing┬áthis tumblr and found these gorgeous photos of table settings. They immediately made me want to throw a dinner party. What perfect inspiration! I can’t wait for summer! Can you? Are you going to be throwing dinner parties? Because this gal definitely will be.

Shopping Haul Part 4: Perfect Pleated Skirt

Happy Tuesday everyone! Once again, I’ve been too busy preparing for final exams to blog, but since I have an open window now, I thought I would continue my shopping haul series once again. Today, I’m going to focus on my last purchase from Forever 21, this gorgeous dark blue pleated skirt. (The camera lighting cannot do it justice, so I added the picture of it from Forever 21’s website.) I couldn’t believe that I got it for only $15! What a deal! As I previously wrote, a few blog posts ago, I was looking for a pleated skirt so that I could come up with my own version on the pleated skirt/peter pan collar blouse duo. Well I have part of that duo right here! I’m obsessed with the discrete scallop flounces at the bottom of the skirt. They’ll add a little bounce to my step! And I’ll definitely be bouncing once I’m able to rock this bad boy! For once, I don’t mind my petiteness, because the skirt is just the right length for me without being too short. Which I love, since, as I keep saying, I adore keeping my looks classy and ladylike.

On another note, I only have two more weeks of school and then I’m out for the summer! I can’t wait for all of my summer fun and adventures to commence, which I’ll definitely be keeping you all updated on. With summer in the air, I thought that I would let you know that I’m going to be posting more outfit snapshots of the day with me in the photos since I’ll have more time to take pictures and plan accordingly. So stay tuned! I’m getting excited! Are you excited for summer?