Shopping Haul Part 2: Floral Shorts

One of my favorite new looks this season is sporting a pair of floral denim shorts. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found the perfect pair for myself during my shopping extravaganza at Forever 21 last week. I’ve really been into rosy, floral prints recently, and couldn’t find the perfect pair, until my latest shopping trip. What I love most about this particular pair is that the fabric is stretchy and forgiving on the thighs and that they’re not too short. I’m so over the whole “daisy duke” super short look. It is far from classy and chic, and not very ladylike in my opinion.

Regardless of my lecture/rant, the floral denim look has been featured in the likes of Seventeen Magazine and has been sported by celebrities such as Emma Roberts at Coachella. I can’t wait to pair mine with a sleeveless button down!


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