Shopping Haul Part 1: Dainty Lace Dress

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in several days! I’ve been busy with course work since exams are coming up in a couple of weeks.

Moving on, I thought that I would begin to post some of my pieces I picked up at Forever 21 while shopping the other day. Today’s spotlight piece is this lace dress with a Peter Pan collar. It is the epitome of my sense of style. For one, I adore Peter Pan collars! They are very classy, quirky, and fashion forward. If I had to wear Peter Pan collars for the rest of my life I would not object. I feel like they dress up any piece of clothing. I adore the black contrast on the creme shift dress. It’s very elegant. I’ve also been obsessed with lace lately, and this dress sure does fit the bill. For some reason, whenever I see lace, I automatically think of vintage. I was pleasantly surprised to see a framed zipper on the back of the dress, which makes it look very modern.

Needless to say, I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled across this dress in Forever 21! I’m looking forward to wearing it when I visit New York City this summer. I’m envisioning myself wearing it on the Upper East Side when I visit the Prada exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ll probably wear curls, a headband, and statement flats to channel my inner Blair Waldorf.


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