It Starts With An Idea

While perusing Twitter today, I noticed that my newsfeed was blowing up from @ISWAI1, or also known as, It Starts With An Idea. “Made in Chelsea” star Caggie Dunlop came up with the concept. About the brand,  she said:

“Creativity is the driving force behind good design and all creativity starts with an idea. The idea behind ISWAI is to create an inclusive fashion brand which allows for the possibility of all kinds of creative people to participate in its development.”

Caggie and other guests designers are designing unique, one of a kind t-shirts that showcase the importance of individuality. Which I believe to be as chic and inspiring as the shirts themselves.

Checking out the shirts, I found it hard to pick out my favorite. The art designs showcase themes such as New York City apartments to “Universe Light.” What I love about them is that they are very versatile and can be paired with many different looks. They would look great with a high waisted skirt or look effortless with a pair of denim cutoffs and aviators. Whatever look you may channel, I think that everyone agrees that It Starts With An Idea is one of the hottest new lines. So go check out the shirts and buy one, or many, for that matter, before they run out!


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