Elegant Elephants

This university student has been VERY busy for the past few days. Je suis très désolé! I’ve been occupied with papers to write on old English poetry and having to register for fall semester classes. I’m going to be taking astronomy, which I thought sounded really interesting and different. Regardless, the temperature has been gradually increasing over the past few days, and it’s felt more like summer here at school than spring. Therefore, it was time once again to bring out a favorite warm weather staple: a light weight blouse.

While shopping at Francesca’s Collection, my eye was immediately drawn to this fabulous elephant print. It was so quirky and different. It reminds me of my friend’s hand made tapestry that she bought while studying abroad in India. I’m usually not drawn to very many bright printed tops, but I decided to make an exception. I love the scoop neck collar and draping that cascades down the center of the blouse. I’m planning on pairing it with a nice pair of skinny trousers, probably in white, and brown wedges.

My favorite part about buying this blouse was that it was only $25! One of my favorite parts about shopping at Francesca’s is that their stores are constantly getting new inventory, which means that it’s almost like walking into a brand new boutique each time I go. I love the thrill of hunting through racks and racks of clothes and stumbling upon the perfect piece, or print, as in my case. So without further ado, I wish you a happy hunting!


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