Fashionable Finds: Tommy Hilfiger and Nine West

Today I thought I would post some more of my best shopping bargains. Today’s theme centers around classy yet comfy pieces. There is nothing better than wearing a fabulous outfit that is forgiving to your figure, especially if you have to sit for long periods of time at a lady’s luncheon! So that’s where today’s inspiration comes from. From past experience, I’ve had to attend numerous luncheons/events where I was distracted the whole time from sitting in an uncomfortable dress. For a while I thought that I would take on the mantra, “Beauty is Pain,” but I finally got fed up. Right then and there I vowed I would never again endure those terrible experiences. Since those fateful luncheons last spring, I’ve been on the hunt for “comfy chic” dresses that can double duty for running errands around town and for a nice brunch.

While on spring break, I was delighted when I ran across this gorgeous magenta silk ruffled shift dress at Tommy Hilfiger. What I love about it is that it has a classic, appropriate ladylike cut that will never go out of style. I can pair it with a nice necklace and wedges for a more formal feel or throw on a pair of flats and sandals to go out and about in.

Speaking of sandals, my second great buy came a department store (I can’t remember which one), where I stumbled across these gorgeous pewter Nine West sandals. They were originally $100, but I got them for $20! A good tip to remember for any sale, especially sample sales, is to examine the quality of the item thoroughly before purchasing it. This can be crucial since many sale items cannot be returned to the store.

Now that my tip rant is over, what I really loved about these sandals is their immense detailing. The cuffs around the ankles remind me of bangles, which reminded me that I didn’t need to wear hardly any jewelry with my outfit when sporting these shoes since it would be borderline tacky. A simple dress or skirt combo would showcase the sandals so they can stand out on their own. Now that’s a statement!


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