Made in Chelsea: Classier than the typical American reality show

“You may have heard rumours that Chelsea is an exclusive world of royals, aristocrats and playboys, where the gossip is as startling as the prices. Well it’s all true, and I’d know. I’m Caggie Dunlop and this is my world. You might say that we’ve got it all, but having whatever you want can make choosing that much more tricky. In Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction. This is our life.”

Caggie Dunlop, opening lines of Made in Chelsea

These are the opening lines of the British reality series Made in Chelsea, which airs on E4 in the UK. Made in Chelsea is a scripted reality show, documents the lives of some of England’s finest. Unlike most American reality shows, Made in Chelsea’s stars keep the fighting and partying classy and do it with superb dignity. Maybe that’s what drew me into the reality series; the fact that they remain poised. Maybe Americans can learn a thing or two from across the pond.

While the show isn’t on TV yet in the U.S., this little birdie will casually mention that it can be found online. Wink Wink!


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