Look of the Moment: Peter Pan Collars and Pleated Skirts

Let’s face it, sometimes a typical collared shirt and skirt can be very boring. I’m yawning just thinking about it. However, adding a twist to the boring ensemble can take it from pointless to Parisian Chic! Yes, I’m talking about a nice Peter Pan collar. They are classy, quirky, fresh, and totally in right now. And they look amazing tucked into a high waisted pleated skirt. You can wear the ensemble to the office, while shopping around town or even out to a nice restaurant. What’s even better about the dynamic duo is that there are so many versatile styles and colors to add your own spin. Dress it up with a nice pair of pumps or dress it down with chic flats. Don’t forget to add a nice cross body bag. A quilted one with a chain strap, a la Chanel, would be the perfect touch. I’ll definitely be sporting this crisp combination more often.

Get the look:

From left to right:

Mint Condition Lace Mint Blue Top  $34  www.lulus.com

Spot and Flower Lace Top  $56  www.topshop.com

Collar-ship Award Polka Dot Tank Top  $37  www.lulus.com

Peter Pan Collar Shirt  $16.90   http://www.forever21.com

Elouise Skirt   $79   http://www.guess.com

Silky Collar Tee $39   store.americanapparel.net

Silky Shirred Waist Skirt   $22   store.americanapparel.net

Gold Sequin Collar Necklace   $21   http://www.lulus.com


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