Shopping Haul Part 3: A Classic Beatles Shirt

Happy Friday everyone! To continue on with my latest shopping haul from Forever 21, I thought I would post one of my most favorite finds yet: the perfect Beatles T-Shirt with a vintage feel. I don’t know about you, but I think that EVERYONE should have a Beatles shirt in their closet. I’ve been very lucky; I haven’t met a single person yet who doesn’t like the Beatles. Not to throw off on all of you who may not like the Beatles, but they’re such an amazing cultural icon even today. Personally, George Harrison was my favorite. I yearn for my semester abroad when I can venture to Abbey Road and capture that iconic walk on my own.

I’ve been looking for a classic Beatles shirt for a long time now, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the PERFECT one for me in Forever 21. It’s fitted, yet slouchy in all the right places, and looks so laid back. I’m thinking that I could wear it in many different ways. I might pair it with a pair of denim shorts and wayfarer sunglasses and top it off, (literally!) with a fedora for an urban laid back vibe. Or I might pair it with my trusty black jeggings, flats, and cardigan for a more polished look.

As I will keep saying over and over again, I LOVE THE BEATLES!!! My personal favorite Beatles tune is “In My Life.” What’s your favorite Beatles song?!?

Shopping Haul Part 2: Floral Shorts

One of my favorite new looks this season is sporting a pair of floral denim shorts. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found the perfect pair for myself during my shopping extravaganza at Forever 21 last week. I’ve really been into rosy, floral prints recently, and couldn’t find the perfect pair, until my latest shopping trip. What I love most about this particular pair is that the fabric is stretchy and forgiving on the thighs and that they’re not too short. I’m so over the whole “daisy duke” super short look. It is far from classy and chic, and not very ladylike in my opinion.

Regardless of my lecture/rant, the floral denim look has been featured in the likes of Seventeen Magazine and has been sported by celebrities such as Emma Roberts at Coachella. I can’t wait to pair mine with a sleeveless button down!

Shopping Haul Part 1: Dainty Lace Dress

I’m sorry that I haven’t written in several days! I’ve been busy with course work since exams are coming up in a couple of weeks.

Moving on, I thought that I would begin to post some of my pieces I picked up at Forever 21 while shopping the other day. Today’s spotlight piece is this lace dress with a Peter Pan collar. It is the epitome of my sense of style. For one, I adore Peter Pan collars! They are very classy, quirky, and fashion forward. If I had to wear Peter Pan collars for the rest of my life I would not object. I feel like they dress up any piece of clothing. I adore the black contrast on the creme shift dress. It’s very elegant. I’ve also been obsessed with lace lately, and this dress sure does fit the bill. For some reason, whenever I see lace, I automatically think of vintage. I was pleasantly surprised to see a framed zipper on the back of the dress, which makes it look very modern.

Needless to say, I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled across this dress in Forever 21! I’m looking forward to wearing it when I visit New York City this summer. I’m envisioning myself wearing it on the Upper East Side when I visit the Prada exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ll probably wear curls, a headband, and statement flats to channel my inner Blair Waldorf.

Dreaming of Dresses by jones + jones

As I’ve mentioned before and what I will keep mentioning while blogging, is that I am obsessed with everything English. On that note, I’ve recently come across a cool UK-based brand called jones + jones. (Bear with me all of you “across the pond” from the US. I know that you might possibly know of jones + jones, but this American did not.) Their ethos states that the brand’s designs are inspired by the ’40s and ’50s with a modern twist and quirky edge to them.

I have realized that I failed to mention that I ADORE the 1950s. I always dreamt of being in a production of “Grease” for the sake of getting to wear clothing from the era. The silhouettes are amazing in that they flatter any figure and give a woman the ultimate desirable hourglass figure. On that note, I hope to be sporting some pieces from jones + jones in the near future.

Stay tuned for later when I post about my shopping haul from Thursday!

It Starts With An Idea

While perusing Twitter today, I noticed that my newsfeed was blowing up from @ISWAI1, or also known as, It Starts With An Idea. “Made in Chelsea” star Caggie Dunlop came up with the concept. About the brand,  she said:

“Creativity is the driving force behind good design and all creativity starts with an idea. The idea behind ISWAI is to create an inclusive fashion brand which allows for the possibility of all kinds of creative people to participate in its development.”

Caggie and other guests designers are designing unique, one of a kind t-shirts that showcase the importance of individuality. Which I believe to be as chic and inspiring as the shirts themselves.

Checking out the shirts, I found it hard to pick out my favorite. The art designs showcase themes such as New York City apartments to “Universe Light.” What I love about them is that they are very versatile and can be paired with many different looks. They would look great with a high waisted skirt or look effortless with a pair of denim cutoffs and aviators. Whatever look you may channel, I think that everyone agrees that It Starts With An Idea is one of the hottest new lines. So go check out the shirts and buy one, or many, for that matter, before they run out!

Elegant Elephants

This university student has been VERY busy for the past few days. Je suis très désolé! I’ve been occupied with papers to write on old English poetry and having to register for fall semester classes. I’m going to be taking astronomy, which I thought sounded really interesting and different. Regardless, the temperature has been gradually increasing over the past few days, and it’s felt more like summer here at school than spring. Therefore, it was time once again to bring out a favorite warm weather staple: a light weight blouse.

While shopping at Francesca’s Collection, my eye was immediately drawn to this fabulous elephant print. It was so quirky and different. It reminds me of my friend’s hand made tapestry that she bought while studying abroad in India. I’m usually not drawn to very many bright printed tops, but I decided to make an exception. I love the scoop neck collar and draping that cascades down the center of the blouse. I’m planning on pairing it with a nice pair of skinny trousers, probably in white, and brown wedges.

My favorite part about buying this blouse was that it was only $25! One of my favorite parts about shopping at Francesca’s is that their stores are constantly getting new inventory, which means that it’s almost like walking into a brand new boutique each time I go. I love the thrill of hunting through racks and racks of clothes and stumbling upon the perfect piece, or print, as in my case. So without further ado, I wish you a happy hunting!

Summer Dates with Kenneth Cole

As summer creeps up on the horizon, one of the biggest questions will be, “What do I wear?” Well a couple of weeks ago I decided to get some answers to that question, literally. I decided to check out Kenneth Cole when I was in South Carolina to see if Mr. Cole could help me spice up my summer adventures. As luck would have it, he did! I bought this amazing studded tank top. I loved the design and the “tough girl” attitude I could convey with it if I so chose. I might pair it with a pair of denim cut offs on a really hot day to channel a laid back west coast vibe or to keep it edgy, I might pair it with a pair of leather shorts. (My friend just got a pair from Free People that I’m going to have to check out for myself!) Dressing it up with a blazer and skirt would take it from edgy to elegant. Irregardless of the look I decide to pursue, one thing is for certain; I love studs!

After finding this marvelous masterpiece of a top, I stumbled across this high-waisted skirt. I adore all of the different colors! I’ll probably pair it with a simple shirt so that the design will pop. My brown wedges will top it off perfectly. What I love the most is that it has pockets!

This summer I’ll definitely be  making a date with Mr. Kenneth Cole’s fabulous clothes. I can’t wait until then.

Made in Chelsea: Classier than the typical American reality show

“You may have heard rumours that Chelsea is an exclusive world of royals, aristocrats and playboys, where the gossip is as startling as the prices. Well it’s all true, and I’d know. I’m Caggie Dunlop and this is my world. You might say that we’ve got it all, but having whatever you want can make choosing that much more tricky. In Chelsea the truth is more fabulous than fiction. This is our life.”

Caggie Dunlop, opening lines of Made in Chelsea

These are the opening lines of the British reality series Made in Chelsea, which airs on E4 in the UK. Made in Chelsea is a scripted reality show, documents the lives of some of England’s finest. Unlike most American reality shows, Made in Chelsea’s stars keep the fighting and partying classy and do it with superb dignity. Maybe that’s what drew me into the reality series; the fact that they remain poised. Maybe Americans can learn a thing or two from across the pond.

While the show isn’t on TV yet in the U.S., this little birdie will casually mention that it can be found online. Wink Wink!

Look of the Moment: Peter Pan Collars and Pleated Skirts

Let’s face it, sometimes a typical collared shirt and skirt can be very boring. I’m yawning just thinking about it. However, adding a twist to the boring ensemble can take it from pointless to Parisian Chic! Yes, I’m talking about a nice Peter Pan collar. They are classy, quirky, fresh, and totally in right now. And they look amazing tucked into a high waisted pleated skirt. You can wear the ensemble to the office, while shopping around town or even out to a nice restaurant. What’s even better about the dynamic duo is that there are so many versatile styles and colors to add your own spin. Dress it up with a nice pair of pumps or dress it down with chic flats. Don’t forget to add a nice cross body bag. A quilted one with a chain strap, a la Chanel, would be the perfect touch. I’ll definitely be sporting this crisp combination more often.

Get the look:

From left to right:

Mint Condition Lace Mint Blue Top  $34

Spot and Flower Lace Top  $56

Collar-ship Award Polka Dot Tank Top  $37

Peter Pan Collar Shirt  $16.90

Elouise Skirt   $79

Silky Collar Tee $39

Silky Shirred Waist Skirt   $22

Gold Sequin Collar Necklace   $21