Tea for Two

While musing over some of my favorite pieces of English Literature, I dreamt of one of my favorite books, Lewis Carol’s awe inspiring Alice in Wonderland. I love the quirky and colorful air that the story conveys. One of the most memorable parts of the story, and one of my favorites, is the tea party with the Mad Hatter. Craving a “spot of tea,” or in reality, something inspirational, I turned to this quaint tea pot.

It was given to me by my great-aunt years ago. She lived to be 99, and had this tea pot for many years before passing it down to me. It’s one of my favorite family heirlooms. What I love most about the tea pot is its detail. They don’t make them like this anymore. With it’s golden scalloped edges, beautiful roses, and unique detailing, I feel like I’m back in a more elegant time period.

However, you may wonder how a tea pot can seem so inspirational. It all comes down to its design and character. If Jason Wu can insert inspiration from Versailles into his Fall 2011 collection, then I can find inspiration from a charming tea pot!


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