Charmed Life

Two words: Charm necklaces.  Well, technically four words. But you get the point. I love charm necklaces! Although I posted and said that Tiffany bracelets were the best pieces to accessorize a boring outfit, charm necklaces are as well. The best part about them is that there are many different ones to choose from. They match every personality, and bring it into any outfit. Long or short, the combinations are endless. (Though to be honest, I prefer long ones. But I might have to check out Juicy Couture’s shorter ones as well.)

The diversity of charm necklaces even applies to price. (I got the pictured from American Eagle for less than ten dollars!) This particular one includes two very diverse leaves, a sparkly feather, and a enamel jewel. I adore the hint of discreet blue that the jewel adds to the necklace. It’s the perfect amount of color.

Charm necklaces also work in ways besides accessorizing a plain outfit. They are great conversation starters. I can’t even stress how many countless times I’ve had great conversations with people I did not known based on a charm necklace. So add a nice charm necklace to your wardrobe to spice up any old outfit. Or even just find a new way for your personality to shine! Now that’s a perfect way to start a conversation.


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