Swarovski is a Girl’s Best Friend

While cleaning out my dresser drawer while I was home over winter break, I came across another classic blue jewelry box. Except this time, it was a dark blue box with a white swan stamped on it with that classic “S” word. Yes, I’m talking about Swarovski! While I love Tiffany’s, I adore Swarovski as well. The luxury brand is probably best known for its gorgeous crystal jewelry and other timeless accessories and objets d’art. With all the beautiful finery the brand has to offer, it’s no wonder that the Austrian company has been charming customers since 1895!

Which brings me to today’s charming and chic trinket; my prized Swarovski crystal pendant necklace. Given to me as a graduation present, the elegant and timeless crystal-clear necklace can be worn on many occasions. I can use it to dress up and accentuate a cocktail dress that needs a little sparkle, or I can pair it with a fitted v-neck, cardigan, and skinny jeans. Needless to say, the crystal is so clear and dazzling, that it was hard to get a clear picture of it on camera. I think that goes to show how successful the brand has been these past 116 years. Women from the Progressive Era all the way up to today’s modern era have been able to dazzle and sparkle a little more. Now that’s radiant.


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