My New Favorite Things

Today is finally Friday! To honor this fabulous Friday, I decided to write about a few of my new favorite things. First up is this beautiful lace tank top that I got from Charlotte Russe. I love how it’s sweet and innocent with the lace and ruffles, yet has a twist with the unexpected zipper. I adore juxtapositions! Secondly, I got this classic long feather pendant necklace from New York and Company. I can never get enough of long silver jewelry. The feather adds a little something extra. Lastly, I have another pedant necklace. I got this for Christmas from my mother. I also adore statement pieces. This necklace does the trick. I love how the color will go with anything. It’s the perfect way to dress up any outfit.


Charmed Life

Two words: Charm necklaces.  Well, technically four words. But you get the point. I love charm necklaces! Although I posted and said that Tiffany bracelets were the best pieces to accessorize a boring outfit, charm necklaces are as well. The best part about them is that there are many different ones to choose from. They match every personality, and bring it into any outfit. Long or short, the combinations are endless. (Though to be honest, I prefer long ones. But I might have to check out Juicy Couture’s shorter ones as well.)

The diversity of charm necklaces even applies to price. (I got the pictured from American Eagle for less than ten dollars!) This particular one includes two very diverse leaves, a sparkly feather, and a enamel jewel. I adore the hint of discreet blue that the jewel adds to the necklace. It’s the perfect amount of color.

Charm necklaces also work in ways besides accessorizing a plain outfit. They are great conversation starters. I can’t even stress how many countless times I’ve had great conversations with people I did not known based on a charm necklace. So add a nice charm necklace to your wardrobe to spice up any old outfit. Or even just find a new way for your personality to shine! Now that’s a perfect way to start a conversation.

Vintage and Victorian

While musing over all of the trinkets and treasures that I’m going to eventually write about, I remembered one of my most prized possessions; my vintage magenta colored slipper chair. A couple of years ago, I was on the hunt for the perfect accent chair after completing redecorating my room. I can’t even remember how many countless stores I went in looking for the perfect piece! When I started losing hope of ever finding the perfect chair, it dawned on me to check out some of the antique furniture stores downtown. After browsing in a couple of blasé shops, I found the perfect store. It had pieces ranging from the American Revolution up until the Disco era. That’s when I stumbled upon the perfect chair. It was like it was made for me, waiting years for me to come along and buy it. I couldn’t believe it. It was the perfect shade of magenta to compliment my light pink walls and the tiny magenta flowers on my quilt. After seeing the intricate detailing on this Victorian beauty, I was sold. And as they say, the rest is history! And believe me, this chair has a lot of it.

Something Blue Part 2

I noticed that I got a lot of positive feedback concerning yesterday’s post on the beautiful blue perfume bottle. Feeling inspired by that and the gorgeous shade of Tiffany robin egg blue, I decided to focus on some of my trinkets in my favorite color: blue. In these pictures, I included the inspiring Curious by Britney Spears perfume bottle, a classic Tiffany’s jewelry box, a cute pair of rose earrings from Francesca’s that were given to me by my best friend, and lastly, a beautiful Paua shell necklace.

For those of you who do not know, the Paua shell is native to New Zealand. My friend gave me this necklace after vacationing in both Australia and New Zealand a while back. What’s interesting about the Paua shell is that it’s actually classified as a mollusk. it is regarded by New Zealanders past and present as treasure. Maori legend has it that Paua was a special gift from Tangaroa, the God of The Sea. Paua live on the rocky shoreline all around the coast, but grows best in the waters of southern New Zealand.

I can see why Paua was believed to be a gift from the gods. It’s breathtakingly beautiful in person. It’s the perfect combination of every beautiful shade of blue that you can imagine. It’s enough to make even Ariel jealous.

And the Emmy goes to…

The Academy Awards. The Golden Globes. The Emmys. The SAG Awards. The award season is finally upon us! With The Golden Globes less than two weeks ago, Hollywood has become a hub of excitement and frenzy. But who’s to blame them? It’s hard to not resist the bright lights, red carpet, and the world’s most famous celebrities. But I’m most excited to see the gorgeous gowns from many of my favorite legendary brands, such as Valentino and Oscar de la Renta. And that’s not even including the accessories! In celebration for the 2012 awards season, I decided to capture some photographs of the Emmy Award that my own mother won for her work in news. I love how elegant and graceful, yet powerful, the statuette appears. Three things that I one day strive to be.


While at home over winter break, I came across this beautiful perfume bottle in my dresser drawer. The Curious by Britney Spears fragrance was given to me by my Grandmother for Christmas sometime back in middle school. Although my obsession with celebrity endorsed fragrances ended long ago, my obsession with perfume bottles did not. I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the bottle’s blue tint and crystal clear clarity. The pink heart accents it perfectly. The elegant neck design reminds me of a treasure I might discover in a vintage perfume shop; hidden beneath an old strand of pearls. Elegant. Classic. Timeless. Are you curious?

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in the past few weeks. I’ve just been really busy with vacationing in South Carolina. As the name of my post says, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” While this doesn’t mean that I’m getting married, it has everything to do with this new post. Something old: a beautiful buttery leather Dooney & Bourke bag that I stumbled upon in my closet while over winter break! I totally forgot that I had it. Something new: finally a new blog post. I’m going to try better to update it daily, as it is a new year. Something borrowed: my mom’s wonderful professional photography camera that I borrowed to take the pictures. The detail that the camera shows is amazing! Something blue: with cold, grey winter months ahead, a nice pop of color is needed to keep an outfit looking cheery. This bag is the perfect staple.