Brunch at Tiffany’s

Today started out as any other ordinary day. I got up and opened my closet and couldn’t figure out what to wear. All of my clothes just seemed too boring! While going through my dresser, it finally dawned on me what to wear. I pulled out my trusty Tiffany’s bracelet. Whenever I’m having a wardrobe crisis, I know that I can always turn to Tiffany’s jewelry to accessorize any of my boring outfits and make them chic. The moment I laid my eyes on the small robin’s egg blue box, I immediately pictured Audrey Hepburn channelling Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly could always turn to her pearls and black dress just like I turn to my Tiffany’s bracelet to feel put together. Putting on my bracelet, I understand why Holly would always peer into the Tiffany’s display. Wearing Tiffany’s jewelry always makes a woman feel classy and glamorous. In a blink of an eye, I went from feeling boring and ordinary to classy and elegant. Holly Golightly would be proud.


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